Likelle Travelbox is designed to make everyday life easier for people who use biopharmaceuticals. Likelle Travelback is smart medication pack made by high-quality materials and you can keep it with you wherever you go!


Biopharmaceuticals are expensive and must be stored properly to prevent spoilage. The LED light on the Travelbox and the mobile application will let you know if the set temperature limits are at risk of being exceeded.The temperature history is stored in the devices memory and in a cloud service, so it can always be checked easily and reliably. The temperature of the case can also be managed using separate heating and cooling elements.


“We have come back from our summer vacation a couple of days ago. We were in Greece. For us it was essential to take proper care of our son’s insulin while travelling. With summer temperatures in the high thirties/low forties, keeping the unused insulin vials/pens in the range between 2-8 degrees Celsius while on the move is not an easy task to do. However, the Likelle Travelpack gave us the peace of mind we needed. With outside air temperature in the high thirties/low forties, and air-conditioning in our car switched to low or medium, the Likelle Travelpack managed to maintain its internal temperature within the required range on each leg of our trip, 3-4 hours in duration. Not to mention the convenience of checking its temperature whenever we wanted through an easy-to-operate smartphone application. On the whole, I wholeheartedly recommend the Likelle Travelpack to anyone who wants to take proper care of his/her medications while travelling.
Best Regards, N. S-I”



  • Records temperature
  • Alarms if limits are exceeded
  • Improved Information security – can be used anonymoys without inserting any pharmaceutical or disease related information
  • Temperature control with cold/warm gel
  • Maintains fridge temperature (+2°C… +8°C) up-to 12 hours, when ambient temperature is +21°C
  • Shock protection for medication pen and injectors
  • Keeps your medication in dark place
  • Insulates
  • Easy-to-use


  • Bluetooth Smart connection
  • Cloud integration
  • iOS and Android applications
  • Long operation time with coin-cell battery, up-to 9 months with one CR2430 battery
  • LED-indicator
  • CE-certified
  • Material : oak and EPP (enhanced polypropylene)
  • Size / Outline: 250 mm x 190 mm x 108 mm / Payload Volume : 34 mm x 230 mm x 133mm

Characterisation report of LIKELLE Travelpack temperature behaviour

Likelle Travelpack temperature behaviour has been characterised by third party company SGS Fimko Ltd, investigation report No:20782, which has status of notified body.

Travelpack can maintain inside +2°C…+8°C (typical refrigerator temperature) 10 h 24 minutes, when ambient temperature is +21°C.

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